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Terms of use for www.unigis.com 

By accessing or using www.unigis.com, the User agrees to be bound by these Terms of Use (hereinafter “Terms of Use”) without restriction, reservation or modification. 

The User declares to have legal capacity to operate and not have any impediment according to the laws of the jurisdiction in which they are located, and is obligated to use the Website for a lawful purpose. 

These Terms of Use may be periodically modified and updated without prior notice to the User. For this reason, it is suggested that these Terms of Use be revised periodically each time the Website is accessed. 

Access to the Website implies that the User is aware of and accepts the following Terms of Use: 

1- Service 

The owner of the Website shall not be held accountable in the event of interruptions or a malfunction of the services or contents offered on the Internet, regardless of the cause, magnitude or time, or be held responsible for network outages, business losses as a consequence of such downtimes, or any other type of indirect damage that may be caused to the Users, not granting any kind of guarantee, as the Users accept to access this Website at their own risk. 

Suspension and Termination. It will be possible, without prior notice, to determine the suspension, cancellation and/or immediate termination of the Website. The Owner will not be liable to the User or to any third party for any reason, in any of these circumstances. 

There may be restrictions in the availability of the Website or its products and/or services to any individual, geographic area or jurisdiction designated at any time, limiting the Terms of Use referring to all services, programs or other products that are provided or may be provided in the future. 

Limitations. The owner is also free to limit access to the Website and / or the products offered therein to the User without the need for justification or prior notification. 

2- User account 

Some areas of the Website may require the User to register by creating a user account (the “account”). In case of registration, the User accepts (a) to provide accurate, up-to-date and complete information about themselves, as requested in the registration form; and (b) update their data so that the information remains accurate, complete and up-to-date. 


All user accounts may be canceled or suspended at any time without prior notice. 

Data Confidentiality of the account and password of the User are their exclusive responsibility. All activities carried out on the Website under your username and password are your sole responsibility. 


3- Protection of the User’s Personal Data  

The User expressly and fully accepts that their personal data are processed automatically and incorporated into a database, with the sole purpose of providing and offering services, which are duly registered by the competent authority. 

The Users have at all times the right to access their personal data, being able to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in accordance with the corresponding legislation on the protection of personal data. In the same way, the User’s consent for the processing and transfer of their personal data will be revocable at any time without retroactive effects, in accordance with the provisions of the current law on the protection of personal data. 

For such purposes, it will be sufficient to contact the following email: …...., with the express intent that the appropriate security measures have been adopted in the facilities, systems and databases. The confidentiality of personal data is guaranteed, although we may disclose any personal data or other information to the competent public authorities in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions that may apply in a specific situation. 


4- Cookies 

Since the Website uses cookies to identify the pages that are visited by the User for the sole purpose of statistical analysis, the User may delete the cookies at any time from their computer. 


5- Available Information 

The accuracy, suitability, integrity or veracity of any type of information available on the Website is not guaranteed. The User assumes all the risks associated with the use of any content, including its accuracy or usefulness. 


6- Conditions on the use of the Website 

The User acknowledges that there are limits and conditions for the use of the Site. 

  • Content control. The User acknowledges that the owner of the Website has and will have full and absolute discretion to pre-select, reject, remove and / or modify any content on the Website. Furthermore, the Owner will not be liable to the User or to any third party for the damages, infractions, crimes, contraventions or any other kind of illicit act that could be committed, be it intellectual property rights, the honor and reputation of the people, their personal data, credit, consumer rights, or any other right that may be violated as a consequence of the misuse of the Website by Users. 
  • Access to information. The User accepts that the owner of the Website, in their own discretion, may access, preserve, disclose, delete and modify the information in their account and all content found on the Website, always subject to the Data Privacy Policy described above. 
  • Cancellation. The User accepts that the owner of the Website may cancel, delete or block their registration on the Website without justification or prior notice and that this will not give the User the right to claim any compensation. 
  • Termination. The User agrees that the owner of the Website reserves the right to modify in any way, discontinue, interrupt, cancel and/or terminate the service of the Website without any justification or prior notice, in their sole discretion and that this not will give the User the right to claim any compensation. 


7- User accountability for use and content 

  • Both the access, the use of the Website, as well as the use of the information and contents included, will be the sole responsibility of the User. Therefore, the use that can be made of the information, images, content and / or products offered and that are accessible through the website, will be subject to the applicable law, as well as to the principles of good faith and lawful use by the User, being entirely responsible for said access and correct use. 
  • The User is solely responsible for any information, data, text, photography, video, music, sound, software or any other type of work or expression published or transmitted on the Website. 
  • The User agrees to comply with all applicable local, provincial, national and international regulations and is solely responsible for all acts and omissions that occur in relation to their account, registration or password, and in relation to the information or materials included in the Website. 
  • The use of the Website for illegal, unauthorized or prohibited purposes is strictly prohibited. Without this being considered an exhaustive or limitative description, we prohibit: 
  • Any form of violation of the rights of third parties over their privacy, honor, self-image, secrecy in communications, intellectual and industrial property or protection of personal data. 
  • Publishing, disclosing, advertising, referring to or distributing any material, subject or information with illegal, obscene, pornographic, abusive, defamatory, deceptive, racist, against morals, good customs, or public order content. 
  • Introducing any type of computer virus, defective files, or any other software or computer program that may cause damage or unauthorized alterations to the contents, programs or systems accessible through the Website. 
  • Altering or intervening, by fraudulent means, personal web sites or emails of other Users without due authorization, as well as sending emails with massive and / or repetitive character and sending email addresses of third parties without their due consent. 
  • Collecting third party information, including their e-mail addresses, without their consent, as well as providing third-party e-mail addresses to other third parties. 
  • Trying to obtain unauthorized access to services or content, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to them, through automatic search for passwords or other means. 
  • Interfering with the use or enjoyment of the services or content by other Users or with the use or enjoyment of similar content by other persons or entities. 
  • Interfering or interrupting the Website, its servers, or networks connected to the Website, or disobeying any requirement, procedure, policy or regulation of networks related to the Website. 

8- User Data Confidentiality and Exceptions 

The owner of the Website may reveal User information in the following cases: (a) if required by a judicial or administrative authority; (b) if necessary in order to exercise their rights under the Terms of Use; (c) if the stated data could be useful for the protection of rights of third parties; (d) if it is useful for the protection of the rights, property or security of the owner of the Website, its subsidiaries or controlling companies, directors, managers, employees, Users or the general public. 


9- Intellectual Property Rights on the Website 

The User acknowledges and accepts that the Website and all its contents, whether it be any documentation, file, material, application, design, illustrations, icons, photographs, videos, tools, source codes or any type of work or idea are property of the owner of the Website and are protected under the applicable intellectual and industrial property laws. Publications, advertising or information incorporated into the Website by advertisers or third parties are included in the same recognition. 

Any form of reproduction, distribution, exhibition, transmission, retransmission, broadcast in any form, storage in any form, digitization, translation, adaptation, public communication arrangement or any other type of act by which the User can profit commercially or non-commercially, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part by using any of the contents of the works subject to the rights described above, is prohibited. Failure to comply with the aforementioned will lead to the application of the corresponding criminal and civil penalties. 


10- Trademark Information 

The UNIGIS brand, as well as any other commercial denominations, are property of the owner of the Website. The User is expressly prohibited from showing or using the brands listed in any way. 


11- Prohibition of use. Links 

The User acknowledges that the use of any technical resource by which the User or any third party may benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, from any part or from the entire Web Site is prohibited. Specifically, any link, hyperlink, framing or similar to the Website without the prior express consent in writing by the owner of the Website is prohibited. Any violation of the provisions of this clause will be considered to be an injury to the intellectual property rights on the Website and all its contents. 


12- Indemnity 

The User agrees to indemnify and hold the Owner free of damage as well as its subsidiaries, controlling and/or related companies and against any and all action or trial of liability, claim, complaint, penalty, interest, costs, expenses, fines and/or fees, initiated by third parties due to or originated from any of the User’s actions on the Website. 


14- Applicable legislation 

The Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Mexico. 

The User and the owner of the Website agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the City of Mexico, Mexico, excluding any other jurisdiction or legislation that may correspond, in the event of any divergence related to the Website. 


15- Consultations on the use of the Website 

For any question related to the use of the Website, please send an e-mail to the following email address: privacy@unigis.com

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